Hao Zhang 张昊 (Born 1992 ) is a Portland-based multidisciplinary Chinese artist who examines the interconnectivity between body and mind to explore new kinds of digital content consumption through mixed media installation, video recording and performance. Zhang earned his MFA in Media Design Practices from ArtCenter College of Design and BA in Visual Communication from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Working with physical and digital media, his work opens up questions arising from the screen-based culture, and seeks to purpose new ways of looking at masculine politics in post-modernism America. As daily life becomes more technology-mediated, Zhang is aware of and exposed to the influences of social media on millennials. He then finds his interest in overlooked contemporary social issues among males during adolescence due to the Internet. Working through feminist critique, male vanity, body image, Internet culture, gendered media representation and the performance of masculinity in different culture sets the stage for his art practices.

张昊,1992年生于上海,2011-2015年就读于上海交通大学艺术设计系,之后于2018年毕业于美国艺术中心的媒体设计实践专业。张的艺术表现横跨新媒体可交互装置,影像,表演艺术等数种媒材。2015年9月在美国研习期,张持续探索从上海开始的将艺术与数字科技相结合的创作方法,以东方的生活哲学与美国当代社会问题为作品的根基,探讨并回应因网络产生的人文景观 。此外,张的作品也常常对性别及男女身份及表征在不同文化中的诠释作着辩证性的思考。

张现在在Wieden + Kennedy, Portland工作,并且在Pacific Northwest College of Art 担任客座教授。他的作品Car Hallucination 以及 Optimization for a Seat曾经在2017年的Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria 有展出过。走路生风(Swag Sauce)在2018年的 ArtCenter College of Art Thesis Exhibition 有展出过。