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How can literally wearing social media contribute to raise a person’s swag?

Why nowadays social media is filled with aggressiveness instead of happiness

New York Times: How Social Media Silences Debate

Design Solution:
I crafted a collection of street wear looks that are curated and animated with social media posts. The looks are intended to raise a person’s “swag” style and project confidence.

Filled with humor. Let’s make social media empowering.




1. Social Media + Walk 

2. Creative Campaign (Instagram Story)

3.UX Design for Runway (Make social media wearable&fashionable)

4. Lookbook (Pair it with other streetwear)

5.Visual Research


Can your social media manner echo an “attitude” when you wear it on the street? This social media look holds an open conversation between a social media swagger, a physical swagger and my Swag Sauce participants. Who has more sauce?

 I curated some social media feeds to make you stand out.  Learn More

The video below captures the humor & fun aspect of this activity.
( Note: He wears the first prototype. )  

Swagger is a full package. It’s a tough look.  Why feel inferior when you are cool?  


It’s another viral media campaign.
After I recorded field walking study and immediately knew that I could present my process & swagger transformation in the format of Instagram Stories. It is necessary to show how to walk with my Swag Sauce and how inspiring it can be.
The video clips below constructs a narriative of becoming a type of “swagger” on the street step by step.

How do you walk with #I’msensitive /  #onlinehusband / #_________? 

Two main campaign opportunities:

1.  It can be organized like an Ice Backet Challenge. ( People order the Swag Sauce Collection)

2. It can be organized like the celebration party in downtown LA after Star War: Force Awaken.

This media campaign process can be an entire Instagram Story.  Check the viral music video below.

3. Viral Music Video
We can produce a viral music video like this. 

1. Make iPad / iPhone wearable.
Redesign screen-based interface.
Asymmetrical Shape Redefine the edge of screen

2. Use fashion language to craft an enclosure.
It’s a graphic patch. Put digital device in my fashionable enclosure.

3. Design Screen Texture.
Use graphic texture & real mesh texture to make visual experiences of screen and clothing blend into each other.


4. Graphical Attitude / Humor
Rewriting the original social media post and enhancing one’s own attitude through graphic presentation. Social media posts could form an aggressive look when we wear it. 

#IAmSensitive Patch displays the most upset social media post. But it does not feel sad.

This project does not literally suggest if you feel sensitive, sad, and upset then you wear it. But the fashion look of #IAmSensitive make you look cool. If you happen to feel “no one care about you”, #IAmSensitive patch displays aggressive look and form a shield to protect your fragility.

#OnlineHusband Patch
displays life quotes and  lovely personal posts curated from a group of male. I would call them online husbands. I co-curated these social media accounts with my female friends to avoid conversation about toxic masculinity.

5. Modular Design 

/Customize the back

Incorporate detachable pocket system and a harness to wear it. 3 sizes of pockets come with different content display options. The image below shows how a user detaches different patches.

/ Customize the front
Same harness can be worn two different ways based on your mood.


You look great. 100%confidence.

The images below show how I pair it with other clothing. It looks better if the harness blends in with other fabric. The strap & the cord amplifies the “attitude”

1. Slogan Research 

I analyzed the visual language of slogan hoodie and the tone of text. 

2. Material Study

Align social media feeds with the slogan hoodie visual language.

3. Ethnorgaphic Interview
I organized a tiny workshop with four ArtCenter female students to talk about the guys they follow on Instagram by asking "who is your online husband?" By working with women directly, I can avoid the trap of toxic masculinity.

4. First Prototype
Use mirror, mesh and iphone & ipad to build the first iteration and experiment with body placement.