1. Observational Study

I went to the Grove, Los Angeles to observe how people walk for a half-day and brought back video documentation of the most memorable walking styles. I asked my friends to rate the aggressiveness of the walking style by asking who had the most attitude.

Top Swagger Spotted

2. Participatory Design Approach

I decide to perform a swagger on the street to understand the aggressiveness & violence of swaggering walking as a person. I interviewed the camera guy each time each time I demonstrated walking. I took hiphop class to learn “swag.”

3. Design Intervention

/ Build a kneeweable

Build a knee-wearable to change walking style. LED lights will light up if I combine a kick. The flex sensor is at the back of the knee brace.

/ Street Intervention

LED attracted the attention of the public and exposed the fragility of swagger identity. If I want to swagger on the street with huge amount of gaze, I need attitude.